H-haus is a Canadian company, founded in 2008.

Committed to innovative and ecologically sensible design, we believe that the technical, financial and aesthetic aspects must be considered holistically.

The standard model is a design that can be scaled to the specific needs of the client. H-haus uses a modular, “new ecology” template, creating homes that can be easily altered or expanded, adapting to changing needs overtime. The home interiors can be configured in an infinite number of ways. All models are purposefully created, independent of context, or of prospective residents themselves, realizing efficiencies in design, manufacturing and construction that makes then an affordable option with a wealth of customization options.

All H-haus SSH (Site Specific House) homes are designed to Passivehaus/Net-Zero guidelines, using premanufactured, super pre-insulated wall, floor and roof panels, CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) interior and exterior finish wall panels, and modular kitchens, bathrooms and powder rooms, whith flexibility in design, and endless expansion possibilities. Off-site fabrication allows for precision manufacturing, and time & cost efficient construction.