concept plan

Concept & Cost Plan: 3 weeks

The purpose of this stage is to establish a ‘concept design’ and related ‘cost plan’ based on existing standard H-Haus designs, which will be modified to the client’s requirements. This information will empower you to make decisions on the scale and cost of your new home.

To do this we will visit your site to assess your views, topography, site features, orientation and prevailing winds among other things.

We will then make some preliminary investigation into your local councils planning requirements.
We can then modify (if required) the house plans to comply with your requirements; site analysis, floor plans, and 3D perspectives (optional) and present them to you in our ‘workshop meeting’.

Once your design modifications have been approved, we will provide a preliminary construction cost plan.

The initial commitment fee is $5,000 USD, nonrefundable, and includes GST .